Animated Films & TV Shows

These are a selection of some of the many projects in which I collaborated during my extensive
career holding one of the following positions: Animation Director, Lay-out Supervisor,
Production Supervisor, Animator, Realization Director, or Head of Pre-production Dept.
Click on any of the titles to see its teaser or a sample episode of the show.
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"Clang Invasion"
"Pocket Dragons Adventures"
"The Lampies"
"Jack & Marcel"
"WinneToons: Going to the West"
Swift & the Little Circus
"Red Caps"
"Gloria's House"
"Ocean Tales"
"Pet Pals"
"Maggie & the Ferocious Beast"
"The Mole Sisters"
"Transylvania Pet Shop"
"The Little Witches"
"Problem Child"
"Cone Control"
"Albert the 5th Musketeer"
"The Berstein Bears"
"Fix & Foxy"
"Basket Fever"
"The Woodkeeper"
"Street Cleaners"
"The Herlufs"
"Delfy & His Friends"
"Chip & Charlie"
"The Fruitties"
"Dad X"
"Pipsqueak's Planet"
"Les Tres Bessones"
"Tomato Twins"
"The Sun Lizards"