Sequential Narrative

These are a selection of some of the many children books I have published
over the years as well as some samples of comics, storyboards, leica-reels,
animatics, short graphic novels, interactive books, and style guides.
Please report on my Contact section any broken link so it can be fixed right away.

"Robin Hood"
"The Magic Lamp"
"The Sock Monster"
"Sleeping Beauty"
"Peanut Meets the Pigtailed Firefighter"
"Melvis & Elvis"
"A Color A Day for Boys"
"A Color A Day for Girls"
"The Cow-Boy Hat"
"Be a Rich Business Bitch"
"Chuck the Chick"
"Haunted Ontario"
"Skiper & Skeeto"
"Jack & Marcel"
"Happiness Doesn't Come from Headstands"
"Polipandas animatics"
"Leica reel sample"
"Storyboard samples"
"Storyboard sample"
"Storyboard sample"
"Storyboard sample"
"Storyboard sample"
"Storyboard sample"
"Storyboard sample"